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Leadership Resources

For Youth Pastors

Shepherd the flock which is among you … being examples to the flock; and when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away.
1 Peter 5:2-4

Leadership Resources

For Youth Pastors

The Anchor That Holds

If you are a youth pastor, I applaud you and thank you! Your role is so very vital in the lives of our young people.

Today’s young people need courage and confidence to face the future. They need a strong sense of identity and purpose, and a deep awareness that Jesus Messiah is their salvation and strength. They need to know that the Word of God is true. They need to learn about God’s character, purposes and plans.

They need to discover and unleash their God-given gifts to make a significant contribution to their world.

Equipping This Generation

My support for you is grounded in experience. I briefly worked with youth at risk, and with church youth, and then for many years I have supported individuals in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

As a counsellor, teacher, mentor, coach, and friend, I have observed the struggles and challenges they face. And the battle continues. Drugs are far too prevalent — they’re a deceptive attraction and a deadly trap. Every day we see tragically debilitating disease from drugs, and untimely deaths by overdose. It’s heart wrenching.  And the victims include those who have come from Christian homes.

Now I feel compelled to contribute to the prevention side of substance abuse, by helping parents, youth pastors, mentors and team leaders to strengthen and equip this generation with a personal sense of value and purpose, before they are drawn into that deep pit from which it is very difficult to escape.

Youth Pastor Resources

Here you’ll find tools and resources to help you disciple your young people.

Strengths & Personality Inventories

This is for you, pastor! Learn more about your own leadership style and how you relate. It’s so important that your youth feel like you understand them. In this report, you’ll discover ways to identify, respond to, and lead different personalities.

Please explain to your youth group that in this personal survey, their answers to questions are not ‘right or wrong’ — they are simply designed to show them more about who they are – how they think, what they’re interested in, and how God has designed them to glorify Him.  Note:  When your student clicks on the link to the URL for the Spiritual Gifts for Youth survey, they can then scroll down to the bottom of the page and take the survey as a “Guest” without entering their personal information.

Free PDFs

This group of pdf’s includes graphic illustrations, tables, exercises, and lists of scriptures. You can use them to initiate discussions and stimulate your youth in their relationship with the Lord.

Why The Bible?

Power of the Word of God

What is God Like?

The Greatest Love Story

Come to Me (bookmark)

Broad Way Narrow Way


I invite you to look over and use these resources to help you develop your people with excellence!
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